The Story of Coal

The Fact is...Coal is Necessary for our survival. Without it much of the world would be without power.

BUT, we need to understand it and understand why it's important to plan to the future with Solar Power.

Scientists now predict that we have Less than 20 Years of Fossil Fuels left on the Planet!

The Driving Force behind Going Solar is SAVIING MONEY, Not Saving the Planet.

Give me a cause and I'll help, but ONLY if I can afford it.
BUT, give me money and I'm All In.

Whether you believe in Climate change or not, there is Mounting Evidence.

We have assembled Three movies here.

The others are just below.

The Debate

If you get caught up in the debate you have already lost.  People on both sides of the isle are entrenched in their belief so why even go there?


Going Solar is More about Saving Money than anything, but in doing so we just so happen to do the right thing.

The Right Thing

Think of it this way. When was the last time you got Paid for doing the Right Thing?

Climate Change is an Opportunity, NOT a Problem.

Think of it any other way and you are Totally Wrong.